We have worked in the fencing and access control industry since 1998 and started Precision Gate Services in 2010.
  With our extensive knowledge of the industry we can come at your unique situation with the expertise needed to
 do the job right the first time. We strive to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology that the market
 offers and usually can surprise most people with the capabilities of what is available today.
    Over the years we have proven that customer service is the key to doing business in middle Tennessee. You can
 spend a million dollars on advertising but if the customer isn't happy they can ruin a billion dollars in advertising.
 The number you call (615) 714-8085. A person is going to answer the phone. If not someone is going to give you a call you back a quick as we can.
Most of the time we can tell people how to fix their gate their self over the phone which can save a customer precious time and money.